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“Let’s go and get drunk on light again – it has the power to console.” ―Georges Seurat

One sun-dappled Sunday in Post-Impressionist Paris, the first Neo-Impressionist artistworking under a parasol made of points of light, among several shading an idle parade of blasé bourgeoisie, passing a Sabbath of pleasureless leisure on an island in a Seine made of points of lightinvents Pointillism.

“Some say they see poetry in my paintings; I see only science.”

George Seurat

The artist studied the chemistry and physics of color and light, mixing science into his palette, filling a frame with patterns of spots, creating a colorfully luminous tableau of dots, a scene observed by millions of people since then, some bored as Seurat’s blasé Parisians, others dazzled by a million points of light on an island in the Seine

 “Art is harmony. Harmony is the analogy of contrary and of similar elements of tone, of color and of line, conditioned by the dominate key, and under the influence of a particular light, in gay, calm, or sad combinations.”

George Seurat

Art critics coined the word Pointillism. A science nerd, the artist preferred Chromo-Luminarism, highlighting the colors in the luminous dots, which create the impression of flesh and blood people impersonating fashion mannequins molded from points of light.

“Painting is the art of hollowing a surface.”

George Seurat


In sight among the civilians portrayed in the scene, some observers of bourgeois society, not to be obscene, point to pert and perky working girls, known to comb the banks of that island in the Seine, for bankers, or any bored men, on a Sunday dappled with a million points of light.

“They see poetry in what I have done. No. I apply my methods, and that is all there is to it.”

George Seurat

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