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“The concept of surveillance is ingrained in our beings. God was the original surveillance camera.” ―Hasan M. Elahi

Beside ourselves, folks feeling prying eyes, even behind their firewalls, are not touched in the head.

 “What would the infrastructure of the Internet look like if mass surveillance wasn’t its business model?”

Trevor Paglen

Beside ourselves, social swarms exposing their souls to artificially intelligent antisocial trollsthose are the norm.

“In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?”

Al Gore

Beside ourselves, people’s pets followed wherever they go, don’t feel oppressed by uninvited guests with butterfly nets.

“Facebook is not your friend, it is a surveillance engine.”

Richard Stallman

Beside ourselvesa touch paranoid about smiles not reaching everyone’s eyes, and a bit split, popularity-wise, between actual friends and virtual spiesnobody’s nuts.

“Openness and participation are antidotes to surveillance and control.”

Howard Rheingold

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