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“When did we let news become entertainment? ―Saahil Prem”

Demagogues flouting the law
Horseless carriage runs on straw
Holy man worships a whore
It’s late, but wait, there is more

Armageddon will start with the news media.

Richie Norton

High offices are abused
Loons escape from bins and zoos
Black and white bleeds red and blue
Facts called fake and fake sworn true

We must all come together to condemn political violence, most of all the national news media, and refuse to promote the dehumanizing rhetoric of fanatics.

―Lara Trump

Preaching to captive choirs
Shocking words renounce liars
Long live all the town criers
Electrifying news wires

 The only difference between being uninformed and misinformed is that one is your choice and the other is theirs.

Frank Sonnenberg

This just in off the tower
As huddled masses cower
Escaped loons self-devour
More on The Eleventh Hour

The pen had been mightier than the sword but then the tongue took over.

―Amit Abraham

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