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“Why so scrawny, cat? / Starving for fat fish or mice… / Or backyard love?” ―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush poster

Zazen Samurai
Brush master

“How admirable!
to see lightning and not think
life is fleeting”
―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush 3

Stick of ink
Dry as ancestors
Monsoon melts

“It has rained enough
to turn the stubble on the field
―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush 1

In ink well
Raindrops pelt dry stick
Nacre slick

“Ungraciously, under
a great soldier’s empty helmet,
a cricket sings”
―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush 2

Ink brush dips
Splatting dashing tracks
Sticking fast

“The oak tree:
not interested
in cherry blossoms”
―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush 4

Martial arts
Surrender to brush
Master bows

First winter rain –
even the monkey
seems to want a raincoat
―Matsuo Bashō

Basho Brush wall

Dedicated to the seminal arts of Japan’s Edo period—haiku (the word derived from “play verse” in Bashō’s language); “The Four Treasures of the Study” (of calligraphy, imported to Japan from China)—and to all artists, then and now, evincing old Edo’s aesthetic disciplines.

Matsuo Basho drawingDrawing of Matsuo Bashō

The quoted translations of Bashō’s poetry (more to come in our next post) are sourced from and


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  1. these are so much fun 🙂


    February 19, 2022
  2. Very interesting post.
    Kanji ink haiku
    With words makes peace where needed
    Peace needed here now

    February 27, 2022
    • Peaceful words
      Peaceful heart and mind
      Peaceful thanks 🙂

      February 28, 2022

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