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“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened.” ―Raquel Franco


Fall Art Show 5

On canvas
Strokes of genius
Ignite her

Autumn flings her fiery cloak over the sumac, beech and oak ―Susan Lendroth

Fall Art Show 3

Pen pushers
Sharp their purple quills
Excite her

The seasonal urge is strong in poets ―Helen Bevington

Fall Art Show 6

Leaf peepers
Parked in Nissan Leafs
Selfie her

The magic of autumn has seized the countryside; now that the sun isn’t ripening anything it shines for the sake of the golden age; for the sake of Eden; to please the moon for all I know ―Elizabeth Coatsworth

Fall Art Show 4

Wind chimes dance
Swanning balletic
Toll for her

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house ― Nathaniel Hawthorne

Fall Art Show 2

Signal flags
Flying at half mast
Salute her

Autumn is as joyful and sweet as an untimely end ―Remy de Gourmont

Fall Art Show 8

Shopping her fallout
Stop and stare

On a bare branch a crow is perched – autumn evening ―Matsuo Bashō

Fall Art Show 1

Leafless vines
Snaking brittle boughs
Rattle her

Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves! ―Humbert Wolfe

Fall Art Show wall

Picture fall
Transmute her rapture
Too soon white

The tints of autumn…a mighty flower garden blossoming under the spell of the enchanter, frost ― John Greenleaf Whittier

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  1. Oh, you make me long for the brief colorful leaves of autumn. For us probably in a week or so. Thank you for the dress rehearsal.

    October 3, 2022
    • Very glad you enjoyed the Fall Art Show preview. May autumn reward your eagerness to transmute her, LuAnne. Ici, the sumacs are starting to flare, the hemlocks to rust… 🙂

      October 3, 2022
      • Sadly no autumn in Los Angeles. I only know the seasons by which Peanuts special I am watching.

        October 4, 2022
  2. LA Fall
    Lucy palms football
    Brown’s down

    October 4, 2022

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