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What’s Money?

“The gods only laugh when people ask them for money.” —Japanese Proverb

Would that which we call money by another name smell as sweet?

“Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.” —J. Paul Getty Tree Poem 4If we name it lettuce or cabbage, could we eat our words?

“Put your money where your love is.” —Robert C. Hunter

Could we take the gas out of what bean counters call beans ?

  “Beans have a soul.”  —Pythagoras

Could we make what we call currency, the root of all good?

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” —Khalil Gibran

Could it buy all the stuff that dreams are made of?

“Love is the only gold.” —Alfred Lord Tennyson

Would we reap as we sow?

“Do what you love and the money will follow.” —Marsha Sinetar Could we kick back and watch it grow?

“Contentment is the only real wealth.” —Alfred Nobel

Is the check in the mail?

“All good fortune is a gift of the gods.” Anita Brookner

Paul Robeson richly voices Joyce Kilmer’s priceless poem in Pierre’ Leduc’s ‘Tree Poems’ video.

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