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“Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.” –August Hale

The boat we are in is a metaphor that could be swamped in the wake of Father Time’s speedboat, Tempus Fugit!

“Time is an illusion.” –Albert Einstein

We perceive time’s illusory comings and goings through metaphors that stir tempests in teapots and suck the wind from our sail.

“When time just seems to be running out… Just remember to stop what you’re doing and just breathe.” –Anahi Sanchez

By the same token, metaphors can give us all the time in the world to catch the drift of timeless existence.

“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.” –Henry David Thoreau

The metaphors we choose to live by, make all the difference existentially.

“A metaphor is not an ornament. It is an organ of perception. Through metaphors we see the world as one thing or another.” –Neil Postman

So we jettison the ones that pirate life’s timeless, ageless, priceless treasures. 

“Clocks slay time… Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” –William Faulkner

And salvage the ones we sink without.

“Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring… ‘How to Build a Boat.'” –Steven Wright

23MAR19 (50%)

Our metaphoric craft, Laughsaver, takes the reader on humor’s way through time’s illusions to life’s sweet spot, and arrives before setting out. Tap the image or click here to open the bookpost.

Humor’s Way   Life’s Sweet Spot    Q & A

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