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What’s Time?

Reading time zero to infinity


“Metaphor lives a secret life all around us. We utter about six metaphors a minute.” —James Geary


In what funny language does time start with a Big Bang?

“Science always uses metaphor.” —James Lovelock

In what tickled tongue does time fly, march on, or run out?

“We say that time passes, time goes by, and time flows. Those are metaphors. We also think of time as a medium in which we exist.”James Gleick

In what cuckoo code does time tick us off?

“We are programmed to believe that time is the enemy, that it takes away from us or that it diminishes us. I have found that it’s done the opposite to me. Life is in perfect balance. It’s just that our perception of it isn’t.” —Rania Al-Abdullah

When we mention time, should we bite our tongue, stick it in our cheek, or eat our words? 

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” —Douglas Adams

Could the funny language time blows in on, be coined?

“Time is money.” —Benjamin Franklin

Could the tickled tongue that gives it wings, heal all wounds?

“Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.” —Jules Renard

Could the cuckoo code that ticks us off, be a joke?

“The cuckoo who is onto himself is half way out of the clock.” —Wilson Mizner

This post henceforth reads like a jo—-well, like a book.

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“Don’t wait – the time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

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