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“Dive into a sea of thought, and find there pearls beyond price.” –Moses Ibn Ezra quote


       Welcome to our treasure quest of happiness. It takes forever.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” –Lao Tzu  

       Aboard our treasure ship, Idling Well, timeless truth and priceless beauty dissolve worrisome thoughts about insufficient funds to be happy.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.” –Marsha Sinetar

       Our timeless voyage of imagination sails through the illusory barrier between all that ever was, all that ever might be, and all that is now.

“Imagination makes us infinite.” –John Muir

       Our universal love story opens our heart to all of life for all time.

“If a thing loves it is infinite.” –William Blake

       Humor changes the character of our thought about our reason for being.

“The purpose of our life is to be happy.” –Dalai Lama

       And the treasure we find on the boat we are in, rings our bell like the laughter of the gods.

“The highest state is laughter.” –Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

       Before wetting your pants reading our nonfiction fable (a hundred pages of our seriously funny philosophy flowing through a trove of pearls beyond price – selected quotes – and art from the Sea of Thought series and more), see the movie trailer version of the book (only 63 seconds, no wisecracks of our own), titled “Pearls From a Sea of Thought,” now at

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  1. Marv #

    Seriously funny.

    November 15, 2013

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