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“Stand a little less between me and the sun.” ―Diogenes

From the ceiling beneath our feet, the skies seem frayed as faith at the end of days.

“If you’re looking down at Earth, you’re looking through an atmosphere that has a bit of haze in many places and not just occasional clouds.”

Buzz Aldrin


A landscape festooned with silos infused with reservoirs, seems translucently cocooned.

“When ideas evaporate, when shapes fade and forms lose their integrity, our imagination can create an outlandish setting and convert everything into a hazy, misty Turner landscape.”

Erik Pevernagie

Back-lit skylines of steepled horizons seem to be seen through a silk screen.

“Beneath the foggy sky the glowing sea is hazy, the soft light of a scarf over a lamp.”

Melissa Barbeau

On a world in free-fall, tarred by fallout, who lives above the fray, looks up.

“The sun has not yet set for all time.”





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