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“By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” –John Dickinson

As the world continent rifted and drifted, so did life on the planet. Now we are beside ourselves.

“Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.” Woody Allen

One side thinks it is sad to be blue. The other would rather be dead than red. Or vice versa. It’s a purple paradox. And making light of it is like cracking a koan.

“Three men are observing a flag fluttering in the breeze: One man says, ’The wind is moving the flag.’ The second man says, ’No, the flag is moving the wind.’ The third man says, ’You are both wrong; it is your mind that is moving.’” –Huineng’s Flag Koan, related by Dick Sutphen

A united state of mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is cool, unruffled, contented.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao-Tzu

It is the harmony of meaning and mirth.

“No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor.” –Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A disunited state of mind, the cause of all humorless fates, needs to get laughed.

“Laughter is an orgasm, triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense.” –Anonymous

Hooking a finger in each corner of the kisser and saluting, cracks the koan.

“Smile, smile, smile at your mind as often as possible. Your smiling will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension.” –Sri Chinmoy

O say can you see, by the light of the heart, that the blue’s always true and the red’s never dead, or vice versa, and living together is art?

“The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” –Carl Jung



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  1. Terrt Yacovitch #

    How poignant with the chaos of recent days for our US friends. The art shown much describes their leaders state of mind. Something is seriously wrong!

    December 22, 2018
  2. Ed #

    Right you are Terri. It is a serious problem, steeped in the primitive human emotions, harnessed to a jingoistic elephant in a china shop by a narcissistic penis hell-bent on f**king the world for its personal brand angrandisement. Gotta laugh.

    “Some things are so serious you have to laugh at them.” -Niels Bohr

    December 23, 2018
  3. Right you are Ed. I looked in the mirror and was LOL!

    December 23, 2018
  4. Glad to be your fun-house mirror. ; )

    December 23, 2018
  5. Don Neville #

    “Oh say can we see by the Don’s early write”….Astonishing and sad developments with our friends to the south. Great visuals from Pierre.

    January 15, 2019
    • So proudly we hail the wit, compassion and, visually speaking, good taste of Don’s early write. Thank you, Don, and merci, mon ami, I am sure. Ed

      January 16, 2019

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