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“…I am a big bird winging over high mountains, down into serene valleys. I am ripples of waves on silver seas. I’m a spring leaf trembling in anticipation” —Maya Angelou

Picking Up Birds 1

At the bird house of art;
that is, in other words,
the Met, in Central Park;
it’s cool to pick up birds.

When I became director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it was stodgy, gray, run by elitists. I said, ‘Hey, let’s kick the thing around.’ I wanted to attract young people to the museum. I said, ‘Make it hospitable. I want them to come. I want them to make dates, pick up girls, pick up boys – either way; I don’t care’

—Thomas Hoving

Picking Up Birds 2

Like a bird hatched on Mars
that sprang from its cage,
landing in Central Park,
commanding center stage.

If I had to choose a single destination where I’d be held captive for the rest of my time in New York, I’d choose the Metropolitan Museum of Art

—Tim Gunn

Picking Up Birds 3

Hoisted high as a crane,
or a hot-air balloon,
a mobile weather vane,
a pick-up artist’s toon.

…Blue, blue windows behind the stars, Yellow moon on the rise, Big birds flying across the sky, Throwing shadows on our eyes

—Neil Young

Picking Up Birds iv

Over the roof garden,
swinging without a net,
the pick-me-up art bird
draws smart birds to the Met.

A woman’s quest in life should be to find the perfect apartment. And I have found the perfect apartment. The perfect apartment is the first floor of the Metropolitan Museum. With a sofa

―Fran Lebowitz


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