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“All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing” ―Molière

To the End of War poster

Dancing muse
Sublime graces
Here’s your cue

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin —Leonard Cohen

Daning Me blue

Trip the light
Fantastic moonwalk
Shake a leg

Unusual travel directions are dancing lessons from god —Kurt Vonnegut

Daning Me 1

Cut a rug
Jitter the bugs out
Step on it

Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music —Friedrich Nietzsche

Twist and shout
Pucker up and pout
Dance with fans

Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in —Leonard Cohen

Daning Me wallflower

Unfold thy petals

Ballet in the air…
Twin butterflies until, twice white
They Meet, they mate
―Matsuo Bashō

Twinkle Toes Dervishes

Carousels of suns
Maji swirl

Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune —Deepak Chopra

Twinkle Toes butterfly

Angels on a pin
Shiva whirl

Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense —Shah Asad Rizvi

Daning Me green ballet

Aries’ bride
Venus on the rise
Astral sway

Stars are always dancing. Sometimes they dance twinkling away with the rhythm of your joyful heart and sometimes they dance without movement to embrace your heartache as if frozen sculptures of open-armed sadness —Munia Khan

Twinkle Toes pond dance

Dancing scheme
Cosmic rhyming theme
Primal meme

Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove —Leonard Cohen

Daning Me wings of peace

Flights of cranes
Dancing avatars
Wings of peace

Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove —Leonard Cohen

Twinkle Toes walking

Dance Me to the End of Love, said the author, Leonard Cohen, was inspired by a horrific wartime image. With peace in mind, we join muses, magi and all sublime graces, dancing to the end of war.



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  1. This is just lovely, CES. Each frame flows into the next one like dancers entering stage right, twirling, then exiting stage left as other dances enter. I copied your Nietzsche quote to use as a signature on my emails. I danced in a ballet company in my youth and in a jazz company as a young adult. My heart beats dance so this post was so inspirational to me. Your graphics are so fluid, especially the one that illustrated the Bashu haiku and the one that illustrated your dervish poem – and I really liked that poem as well. What a great way to encourage peace and the end to war through dancing.

    March 13, 2022

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