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“They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art” —Charlie Parker

on my turntable marching bands


In fine arts, when you make a painting, it’s just a painting. But if you make a painting in the entertainment industry, it can be an album cover or a t-shirt or a logo —Andrew W.K.



Human life is a combination of tragedy and comedy. The shapes and designs that surround us are the music accompanying this tragedy and this comedy —Alvar Aalto


on my turntable fruited suites


The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers —Matsuo Basho


on my turntable dylan


A writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears —Gertrude Stein


on my turntable 2 pop stars


He has Van Gogh’s ear for music —Billy Wilder


on my turntable harvest moons

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  1. thought you might like this:

    March 26, 2023
    • Thank you for the jazzy thought, Barbara.
      Ich bin eine Schwingung! (hope google got that right. 🙂

      March 26, 2023
      • yup you got it – and the swinging philosopher is tasty, too me thinks- became a Jesuit at 40 – glutton for punishment?

        March 26, 2023
      • ‘I am an oscillation’ is what I typed into google translate. On their turntable, it seems, I am a ‘swinger,’ like your tasty philosopher. Perhaps gaining merit in translation. :).

        March 26, 2023
      • you are too multi-faceted for me herd Cog (hear) – google’s translation is perfect German, It speaks of wavelength or frequency or some such. I called him swinging because of going with the flow of being and jazz. Tasty I call him in creative use of the English language because he speaks of ANW as his Leib-und-Magen Philosoph which a sensual and eccentric way of saying he likes him beyond the academic pleasantries, has a gut feeling about him… and i translated that into tasty – lol – I don’t know about merit, but certainly fun, just like the jazz…

        March 26, 2023
      • Ah! 🙂

        March 26, 2023
  2. I’ve heard tell that hummingbirds were so named because though they love a good melody, they are terrible with lyrics. And while that may be apropos of nothing, it was the first thing that popped in my head. Well done, E Sum, as always.

    March 27, 2023
    • Thank you, Geo. For good melody only, hummingbirds beat parrots, wings down. For good lyrics, too, I listen to the elder George Raymond on Trefology, who seems the younger in some ways. 🙂

      March 27, 2023
  3. You seem to have made a distinctive turn in your posts and I like it a lot, both poems and paintings.
    vibrant art
    flip side poems
    jazzed spirit

    April 1, 2023
    • Thanks for the encouragment, LuAnne. Btw, there is a link in another comment on this post, from Barbara S., to a video of a very jazzed spirit that you might like, too.

      April 3, 2023
      • Thanks, I will check that out.

        April 3, 2023
      • Thank you for the haiku that captured the spirit. 🙂

        April 3, 2023

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